To go or not to go that is the question

With the annual family pilgrimmage to the Port due, this year’s trip was full of mixed emotion… excitement (of course!) but also apprehension and nervousness.

Having only been discharged from hospital the week before, following a post op infection and travelling with a six week old baby, the thought of leaving the comfort and familiarity of ‘home’ filled me with fear. What if i got another infection? What if she over heated? What if she caught the worlds worst bug from the planes ventilation system as she hadn’t yet had her jabs? Would her ear drum burst on take off and landing? Can babies even go in air conditioning? (New mum crazy thoughts I know!)

Getting re-assurance from the doctor that the Spanish healthcare system was on a par (if not better) than ours, and confirmation from the insurance company that we were covered should anything happen, the next mental challenge was taking ‘little being’ on a flight and to a country where the temperature was topping 36 degrees in the shade. But the Spanish have babies right?? And why sit at home in miserable old Blighty, when I could relax and chill out in a place that I feel relaxed in the minute I land at the airport.

So whilst mentally I was battling with far too many crazy thoughts, and physically was still dosing myself up with the domestos of anti-biotics and painkillers, we made the decision and went.

And do you know what – it wasn’t so bad – in fact in was more than that – it was the best decision we made. We spent the week as a family, relaxing, chilling and getting to know each other even better.

  • Yes it was hot – but yes babies can survive in air conditioning
  • Did she catch the world worst bug from the plane – No! Yes i antibac’d her every two minutes on the plane as she touched the seat buckle… but when we arrived in the airport in Palma and I had to change her in the gutter by the taxi – you realise they are a lot more robust than you think
  • No her ear drum didn’t burst on landing and take off – she slept the whole way through it – white noise at its best
  • Did I need to use the Spanish healthcare system – No – but at least now I know the location of every doctor and hospital within the vicinity of Puerto Pollensa. Useful for next year right?
  • Newborn babies don’t do much! So you do actually feel as if you had a holiday

Reading forums online and speaking with friends, some first time mum’s wouldn’t dare travel with a six week old baby but speaking from first hand experience it was much easier than you’d think. The airlines, Volotea and Flybe couldn’t have been more accommodating and helpful, and whilst, yes, we were restricted to our apartment on the hot days – but it wasn’t such a bad thing – I mean look at the view we had…

After two weeks there, we all came back feeling fully refreshed and revitalised. Next year maybe a slightly different story… as we hit the Port with a one year old! We can’t wait…

So for those toying with the idea of taking your newborn on holiday… go for it! It may the last relaxing holiday break you get for a few years.

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