Health and fitness

The journey back to fitness…

So it’s been almost 10 weeks since I entered the world of motherhood, and I am finally feeling almost ‘back to normal’ – a new sense of ‘normal’ with broken sleeps and a little being to look after. Having gone from a lifestyle where keeping fit was an (almost) daily part of my routine, it’s now time to get back on the fitness band wagon and get fit.

I genuinely miss the feeling I get from an intense cardio/HIT/weights session – a strange sense of satisfaction! It’s not about how much I weigh, or how I look (well maybe a little) its about feeling good physically, which in turn is mentally! However I am not going to lie getting back into ‘it’ fills me with apprehension. Whilst I have been infection free for 5 weeks, I can’t help feel anxious about how it’s going to be having had a c-section and having to start at a very basic level of training.

Pre little being, I was doing sprints at Level 18 on the running machine and dead lifting 70kg… very aware I will not be able to start at that level I scoured the internet to look for more advice about getting back into training and there is very little out there. All the ‘baby’ sites state after six weeks you can start gentle sit ups to work your core, but I need more than that – my focus is on getting physically (and mentally) fit – not just ‘working my stomach muscles!’ … and then I came across a really interesting article which gave me a good starting place ‘Returning to exercise after a c-section’ – like me, the author writes what little support there is out there.

 A good friend of mine, gave me some great advice she got given by a Consultant following a knee operation and to treat exercise after any operation like a car working through gears – start off in gear 1, and then work your way up… so here goes!

Tomorrow we start with daily power walks!Watch this space… First gear starts tomorrow… and I will document my journey back to fitness!

How did you get back to fitness following your pregnancy? Was it a tough journey? What advice did you find helped the most?

P.S Current level of fitness is zilch – I walked up the stairs and got huffy puffy – really disheartening but the kick start I needed to get going…

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