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If I could recommend just one thing…

The other day, a friend of mine asked me “new mum advice” on what to buy her best friend who just had a baby… She was keen to buy her something “useful”.

I had one word for her… Sleepyhead.

Sleepyhead  Now I am not going to lie I am most definitely a bit of a ‘fad’ buyer – if someone recommends something to me, I am straight onto Amazon Prime, and if the reviews are in my favour within 24 hours said ‘fad item’ is on my doorstep, and yet another excuse prepared for my husband as I reassure him its a necessity that we simply must have. Thankfully, the Sleepyhead was a re-gift so no need for any spending excuses, and whilst some told me it was a gimmick and most definitely not a necessity on the ever growing ‘to buy for baby list’, the sleepyhead in my opinion was one of the best things EVER (fact!)

Sleep and new baby don’t often go hand in hand; so anything that can be bought to aid sleep for a new mum and newborn couldn’t be a better gift… right? Think portable bed for your bambino. Where you go, baby goes and where you go, baby sleeps… whether its on top of the kitchen worktop, the sofa, the floor… even the beach! The shape of the pillow helps the baby feel snug and cocooned in, and it grows with the baby. We used it round the house, on holiday and even to help oSleepyheadur little one get used to her cot.

Whilst a lot of what i bought could easily be regifted, this was one item I will be keeping hold of for number 2!

The Sleepyhead Deluxe costs £110 and is available at Amazon and John Lewis.

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