Can we stay forever?

There is something about Cornwall which ‘gets me’ every time I visit… I feel an instant moment of calm when I arrive; a feeling of time slowing down, and being a million miles away from home (yet still feeling ‘at home’)… and this is exactly what the doctor ordered following a full on Christmas. A fully battery recharge was needed!

Our week long stay down in Trevone on the North Coast of Cornwall delivered the perfect Christmas getaway. The weather was typically British… cold! Given the time of year the weather was expected, so our suitcases were packed with suitable attire for outdoor exploring.

The house itself was 5 minutes from Trevone’s sandy beach. Go right on the beach and it takes you up past a huge sinkhole, and around the headland towards the top of the Padstow estuary. We walked this route a couple of times, because there was such great views, in fact we even ran it one day too. One of the days, the wind was whipping the sea up to a frenzy, and we saw a glimpse of wild Cornwall as the waves crashed against the cliff edges. Truly invigorating for the soul!

On the day we ran, whilst only aiming for a short 5km run, we decided to explore a little further. We ran through fields, over running streams, along the edge of the cliff face and whilst some may have said we were lost (me included!) we ended up finding a stunning sandy beach which we decided to visit the following day. It was called Smugglers Beach and perfect for a crisp Winter’s walk; parking up on the road and putting little E in the carrier, we headed into a field and down towards the beach. Surrounded by sand dunes and with the tide was out, the beach was vast, and yet another breath taking beauty on this rugged coastline!

So that was right of Trevone Beach… head left and you were in for yet more of a treat! With the tide out, there are rock pools everywhere. Whilst Little E was too young to appreciate the excitement of hunting through rock pools, for the other children we were with, they couldnt have been more excited. In fact, one of the 3 year olds we were with, I quote, bucket and fishing net in hand asked ‘if she could stay on holiday forever’. Cue a little tear in the eye… it’s moments like these which make you realise they don’t need fancy toys, or have their nose glued to an iPad… it’s about enjoying the great outdoors, experiencing and appreciating nature as intended. I can’t wait to have these kind of moments with Little E.

As well as the rock pools, there was also a natural swimming pool which was crystal clear. Following a few drinks on New Years Eve, I was adamant if conditions were favourable that I would take a New Years Day Dip in their… thankfully the tide was in, and it was raining! Maybe next year?

Continuing past the rock pools, you walk along the coastal path and within feet of 100ft plus drops. With little E sleeping soundly, it definitely gave me goosebumps (from fear!)… cue lots of shouting as my other half ‘jokingly’ hung his feet over the edge for a ‘great picture’! The path continues round to Harlyn Bay and yet another picturesque beach.

So all of this beauty is all within walking distance from the High Tides in Trevone… but there’s even more just a little bit further along the coast and a short car journey away. All will be revealed in my next post!




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