Another day… another beach (but I must say this is one of my favourite)

Yes the beaches are Trevone are stunning and quite simply would tick the box of “everything you need on your doorstep”, but a little further afield (I’m talking no more than 15 minutes in the car) there are yet more stunning beaches to explore… (and I love a good beach)!

So midway through our trip we headed to Watergate Bay. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve been to Watergate Bay, it was one of the “must visit” places on the holiday planning itinerary as it’s ones of our favourite places. We’ve stayed in the hotel a couple of times (blog post to follow soon) and quite simply I just love it there. With lunch booked at The Beach Hut, we arrived early to walk first to work up an appetite. The day we visited the weather couldn’t have been better (well maybe a touch warmer!!). On the chilly side but bright blue skies… a perfect winter’s day.

We walked along the beach, exploring the caves (lots of talk of mermaids and bear hunts to get the imaginations of the children running wild) as well as a David Attenborough style exploration of the rock pools. The beach is vast and makes for a great family walk… and some pretty good pictures too.


Whilst I always feel time stands still when in Cornwall, in a peaceful and appreciative way as opposed to time warp style, our morning walking and exploring passed quickly and with big and small tummys rumbling we headed to The Beach Hut for lunch. With sandy floors, a relaxed beach side atmosphere, and panoramic views of the beach, The Beach Hut is the perfect family friendly restaurant. Sat around a huge table, we tucked into generous portions of fish and chips, clam chowder and burgers, washed down with one of the restaurants infamous Extreme Hot Chocolates… basically hot chocolate with all the trimmings and a perfect winter warmer and treat to top the day off. (The January diet was most definitely on hold!)

At Trevone Beach, the children asked if we could stay on holiday forever… this time it was my turn to ask. Pretty please with squirty cream, marshmallows and chocolate bits on top!

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