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Routine, Routine, Routine

I swear I blinked and managed to loose a whole month… how is it that January has gone and we are now steaming full speed ahead into February?

Looking back at the previous month and trying to remember what we did, and didn’t do always makes me reflect on whether I did ‘enough’. When I say enough, I wasn’t expecting to achieve all my 2017 goals in one month, but sometimes it feels with having a young baby, you can be confined to your house, go a bit stir crazy and before you know it all the days have merged into one and despite it feeling like snail pace the weeks have whizzed by… oh yes the good old cliche of ‘the time goes so quick’!

I must admit I am one of those mums driven by routine! Most days are pretty similar in respect of wake up times, meal times, nap times and bed times. I can get myself in quite a pickle when we deviate from the plan much to my own frustration (although no major dramas tend to happen when we do… need to remember this when it does happen) and a source of humour for my mum friends… but hey, it works for us.

With more grey, wet and dull days than I care to remember January resulted in far too many days confined to home and what felt like a slave to the routine… we cooked alot (we have enough baby food to last about 4 year), sorted stuff, exercised, went for brisk walks along Southsea seafront (bring on the sunshine so we can enjoy our gorgeous coast), drank far too much coffee in local coffee shops (an escape from the house) and spent lot of time internet surfing staring at pictures of tropical getaways.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love being at home and January was by no means a complete drag… but it just felt long… very… very long.

There was a lot of talk of a last minute getaway break (those grey skies got to us too much)… I spent hours searching for suitable locations… however too worried about rocking the ‘routine’ boat restricted the search location. Whilst we were desperate for winter sun (Barbados was top of the list), the idea of a 9+ hour flight and trying to resettle a baby into a 4+ hour time difference was a little too far out of the comfort zone! Plus we believed the routine would have ‘restricted’ how much travelling around we would have been able to do. I am not a ‘sit by the pool’ or ‘resort with evening entertainment’ kind of traveller… I want to travel and see!

So with the Caribbean postponed (again), I decided to look closer to home… the other option for winter sun was the Canary Islands.

I am not going to lie but I was always suspicious (even hesitant) of the Canaries – I felt it had a bit of ‘reputation’ for big all Inclusive resorts and strips of bars so always dismissed it as an option however with a change in priorities and needs now it offered everything we wanted and with minimal disruption to the ‘routine’… so we did it.. we went ahead and booked a getaway to North Tenerife, staying in a small apartment on the side of a mountain… it looks amazing (and quite similar to where we got married). Watch this space!

Are you a slave to the baby routine? Was January looooong for you too?

Now lets talk holiday…. Have you been to Tenerife? Where is good to visit with a young baby in tow (Im even prepared to deviate from the routine… honest!)?





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