About me

The moment when I realised it was time to put finger to keyboard and start this blog was on my regular visit to my hairdresser, where we would sit and discuss all the great places we had eaten in Southsea; where we would recommend and not, where served great drinks in the right glass (very important!), followed swiftly by our upcoming holiday plans. It was sat in that chair, with foils in hair I decided it was time to stop talking about it, and time to start doing something about it… and so here we are… a blog was born.

So a bit about me…

A Southsea ‘girl’ born and bred… I’ve lived in Southsea all my life, I did a few years in Bournemouth but then return to Southsea where I know live with my family

I love eating… whether thats cooking for family and friends or visiting restaurants, and have spent many a weekends eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. SInce the arrival of our little girl, eating out still remains a priority but we are more selective on where we go as want to be confident we go somewhere where we are guaranteed a good meal.

I could spend hours online… whether it’s looking at holidays (I do a lot of this), reading blogs, planning what we have on or upcoming holidays (for us and others) or just have a nose Instagram. At least with this blog I am being productive with my online journeys.

I could spend every day on the beach… hot or cold, there is something which draws me into a complete senseĀ of calm and happiness when I am on beach.

I am an organiser… boredline control freak… go on holiday with me and you will have itineraries, maps, restaurants for the duration of the trip all booked by the time you get to the airport. Don’t worry though I allow for ‘free’ days to do your own thing.

Last year saw the arrival of our little girl… the most laid back, chilled out baby (touch wood – please don’t let this change!) Quite simply… she’s awesome. Looking forward to adjusting our life so she can join in our adventures.

I am a big dog lover… we lost our Old English Bulldog at the ripe old age of 13 last year. It was one of the toughest things we have ever had to go through. We are desperate to get another but waiting for the ‘right time’. RIP Clay! I am that crazy lady who sees a puppy and is down on my knees giving them a squeeze.

I am a marketing man’s dream… despite working in marketing for the duration of my career I am still a sucker for marketing spiel. The arrival of our baby saw daily deliveries from Amazon Prime (it’s amazing!) of baby ‘shushers’ to swaddle bags, and everything in between – anything which may help make life easier I would give it a go.